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Friday, December 30, 2016

How To Prepare For JEE Mains In 3 Months

Welcome To Jee main results 2017. i hope you are planning great for this new year 2017 and we all are right. But thinking about future is what we need right now. jee mains are in just next 3 months and i am sure you have all prepared well for this war . and today we are going to post a great post for your help. by reading this carefull you can top the jee mains within months. just let get to the post on jee main results.

jee main rank 2017

 Prepare For JEE Mains In 3 Months

It is possible only if you will work hard.
10-12 hours of self study per day is required.

Few tips for you:
  • Learn Chemistry from NCERT Textbook.
  • Mug up all the chapters of Inorganic Chemistry from NCERT Textbook.
  • Don't leave any topic.
  • Prefer RD Sharma for maths.
  • For Physics, learn from any precise coaching notes.
  • Learn all the formulas.
  • Be familiar with how to apply formulas while attempting the questions.
  • Be clear with the fundamentals.
  • Don't go beyond the syllabus.
  • Revise the syllabus in last 15 days.
  • Attempt last year question papers.
  • Solve problems of maths from ARIHANT (JEE last year's question papers)
  • Solve atleast five sample papers seriously considering it as JEE-Mains.
  • Always be cool & confident

Getting 150+ marks in just 3 months is achievable target. I have personal experience of training students in last 2-3 months taking them to 180-225 levels
For this, qualitative strategic and systematic studies are required. I am not wanting you to study for 15 hours. If you can sit for 8 hrs per day with healthy concentration, you will be scoring very high than 150 mark.
I can provide you concise strategy here, you can inbox me for details, if interested.
CHEMISTRY: STICK TO NCERTs of class XI and class XII. (direct questions will be fired from these only)
MATHEMATICS: Go through DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS, VECTORS, 3 DIMENSIONAL GEOMETRY, COORDINATE GEOMETRY in detail. (Detailed strategy for maths can be requested on inbox)
PHYSICS: easiest to score is thermal physics, error analysis and some portions of mechanics.

Yes, you can crack JEE main without coaching classes
You can follow below strategies to crack this exam-
Organic and Inorganic chemistry is very easy in CBSE board.It can be easily mugged up and increase your chances to score more in JEE MAIN.
proper study material is most needed for preparation,which cover up all your syllabus.
Remember all the formulae and learn how to utilize them.
The basic principles should be cleared make sure you have understood the concept.
Don't go beyond the syllabus. Also, look again at those problems you studied on your own and look again does not mean literally to look, you have to work on those problems again to make sure that you have understood the concept
Your 3 or 4 months preparation also depends on your understanding of 11th and 12th class
Revision of the syllabus is very important; it ramps up your confidence and make you perfect.It should be started from last 15 days.
Attempt a maximum number of previous years question papers.Solve at least five sample papers seriously considering it as JEE-Mains.
Passion for studying is the main key so don't lose it.Always remember the three C's when you are in trouble. Be cool, calm and confident.

Coaching classes work as a catalyst. They just help us to understand concepts easily . Main role in any examination is played by self - study . So grasp as much as you can from what you study.
As you have asked for JEE mains in 4 months with 200+ marks , practically this is not possible if you have very little knowledge of class 11th but if you are good with physics and maths of 11th then you have chances for this score.
  • For physics complete all numericals from N.C.E.R.T and H.C Verma. At last solve chapter wise previous year questions of JEE mains.
  • For maths first complete co-ordinate geometry from Co-ordinate geometry by S.K Goyal , Calculus from the book of Arihant by Amit M Agarwal and do rest of the chapters from R.D sharma, then go for previous year questions.
  • For chemistry do N.C.E.R.T thoroughly and previous year questions upto 20 years.
  • At last try for some mock test as much as you can.
It will be very difficult to prepare all these in 4 months but we are INDIAN hme aasan kaam psnd bhi nhi.

**Plan your studies**
Formulate a study plan. It helps you to organize all the topics that has to be covered.
* Study for at least 8 hours in a day
* Assign one complicated topic and one easy topic
* Include topics from Mathematics in every day studies
* Solve Physics problems everyday.
**Study material**
To crack this exam you have to choose right study material as there are lot of options available in the market. Complete your syllabus with the help of NCERT books it will help you to clear your concepts and fundamentals.
Apart from NCERT text books, refer to prescribed standard text books.
* Physics- Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
* Mathematics- Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das Gupta
* Chemistry- Arihant master resource book for JEE
**Give mock tests**
Solve previous years’ papers and attend mock tests regularly.
By giving mock tests,
* You will get familiarized with the IIT JEE exam pattern
* Helps you to manage time
* Can improve your speed and accuracy
* Helps you to understand the level of learning
**Study techniques**

First of all ,relax....
Now divide your time based on your strength,giving equal weightage and importance to all 3 subjects.
Don't worry about boards from now,you can cover your boards syllabus in last 2–3 months.Believe me its practical......
Coming back to jee,following points need to be followed to have a successful crack at jee mains and advanced:
1.Always start preparation from scratch,then approach for the basics and always attempt questions with basics only.
2. Remember all formulas by heart ,because any question needs formula at its end. Master yourself at speed and accuracy,because in mains it is the the panic in you which destroys your day.
3. In chemistry,start your preparation with physical and organic.Inorganic should be studied based on the kind of questions in previous year paperArihant publication books are a good source for organic chemistry. For inorganic and physical NCERT books are sufficient.
4.Study organic reaction mechanism,however you should also remember the reactions.
5.For physics,have thorough understanding of concepts in NCERT and solve books like H.C. VERMA. More specifically you should also try to solve objective questions of H.C Verma.Those questions are more of jee oriented type. Remember that you should be open minded .
6. For maths refer any objective mathematics books,where you need to practice some formula based questions and also some orthodox questions which have a typical solution method.
Some typical books:TMH publications,VPM publications.Cengage Learning Publications.
And finally Have faith in your intuition.

Planning is main part of study. Plan your day. Means study 6-7 hours a day except college, classes, daily work. Plan a subject for week or a day. And most important is you must follow a plan.
Motivation toward your goal it might have anything but always say “I have to Do it today otherwise someone will go in front of me or I will lag behind.”
Know the meaning of English words in your mother tough or know what it means to? So the subject understands very easily.
Read all recommended boards textbooks thoroughly cause board has to bound to get questions from only that text books.
Write as much as you can questions answers. It would increase your hand and brain practice to remember answers.
Listen carefully to your college and class tuition teacher. It always easy to store in your brain for long time.

Plan smart, study smart, score smart.
Plan smart:
Focus on topics you like more.
Don't plan to kill your brain by 10+ hours study daily. Keep it normal and focus on quality of study.
Plan regular full syllabus tests.
Study smart:
Learning is not enough, develop problem solving capabilities.
Don't go for shortcuts, learn real concepts.
Explore the topics. Think and analyze, deep, deeper …
Score smart:
Focus on easy questions first.
Finally, having knowledge and capability is good but you need to performe in exam. So make “performance” a habit, every day!

Man all I can advise You to make your 11th a bit more strong,although conceptually as you can't get 200 plus on the basis of 12th matter alone !!
  • You can allot Sundays for learning 11th material.
  • Periodically review your preparation.(To know where you are & what you have to do to move forwad.)
  • Study systematically,first from your NCERT(Don't ignore it as most people does but NCERT books are way more better than Helpbooks.) then practise from some sample paper & finally solve standard JEE problems.
  • Balance your JEE & 12th preparation.
  • Practice,Practice & Practice.
  • Never ever Cram anything/Learn everything by heart.And most important don't let that fire for JEE Go off even for a minute.Stay Motivated !!
  • Use the internet wisely as it will kill your time very easily(Victim :P).
wishing you all the best.

Question - 

How do I prepare for JEE mains with only 3 months left for the exam?
– Pranav 
Expert Advice - 

Hello Pranav,
Now you have to categories your study plan with some basic tips which I am going to give you. Please follow these tips with strict discipline.
1. Complete your class 12th text books with revision as soon as possible.
2. Take help of NCERT books for the clearing your concepts.
3. Try to develop fix day routine for the studies. 
4. You must take out time for sleep and recreation. This time should be fixed because it is very important to keep your brain relaxed.

5. Try to make a group of two or three friends who have the same goal and eagerness as yours for JEE mains. Go for group studies, it is always recommended. 
6. Try to solve last five years JEE- Mains paper with full concentration and competency.  
7. Try to connect with your seniors or students on Facebook who are now in IIT and befriend them. Chatting with them will increase your perception of success. But don’t overdo it; this might take a lot of your time.
Try all these tips Pranav this will make a road map for success to you.

So folks this was it. i hope you all have liked this post on jee main results 2017. if any queries comment down asap. we would resolve it. keep visiting us.



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