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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How To Write JEE Mains-Tips And Tricks

welcome back to jee main results 2017 folks. i am sure that you all must be busy preparing for jee mains 2017. of course you want you jee main results 2017 to be top of the world. so today we have collected over a thousand views on how to excel in jee mains 2017. we are going to layout the perfect blue print for you now. so that you can get a wonderful jee mains 2017 results. any way we wish you all the best for you jee mains 2017 and we hope you get a good seat. lets get straight into jee mains results 2017.

jee main 2017 results


Starting early is the key to success, here is a list of tricks to crack JEE Main:
1. Dedicated study plan: Devise a strategy for JEE Main and stick to it thoroughly so that each topic gets sufficient practice and revision.
2. Maximize speed: As a JEE Main aspirant it is important to develop a good speed so try to solve at least 70-80 numerical every day.
3. Time to clear doubts: If you stumble upon a concept and can’t figure the way out, it is best to take help from your mentors or co-JEE Main aspirants. This will not only help you with the concept but also inform you of any flaws in your study pattern.
4. Aim for JEE Advanced: It is best to aim for JEE Advanced and not just limit your preparations to JEE Main. As the syllabus for both the exams is almost  same, studying to clear JEE Advanced will help you cover most of the JEE Main syllabus in depth.
5. Balance between coaching and self-study: If coaching takes up 3-4 hours each day then put aside at least 2-3 hours for self study too. This balance is necessary to revise/ practice concepts and prepare for the next class.
6. Practice makes you perfect: Once you have understood the concept, go for solving question banks and test series. This is the best way to know the trend of questions to be expected at JEE Main. There is no way you can crack JEE by just memorizing concepts if you do not know how to apply them.
7. Paper solving strategy: You need to identify what strategy works best for you to solve the JEE Main. For instance, during mocks, if solving toughest questions first, then less difficult and keeping the easiest for the last works for you then go ahead with it, otherwise find what method helps you get accurate results in shortest time.
8. Passionate about becoming an IITian: If IIT is your goal then keep your enthusiasm up by considering your studies as the most satisfying and content hours of the day.
9. Quality time for studies: Irrespective of number of hours you study, give it your 100 percent. A half-baked preparation will never work out, so study smart instead of prolonging the hours you sit in front of the books.
10. Refresh button: Relax and take breaks during your hectic study timetable. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself, watch a movie, listen to some songs, or play a sport. This will help you to stay focused and feel fresh.
Apart from these tips, it is important to keep practicing test papers. It will teach you how to approach JEE mains question paper.
Best of luck for your preparations. :)

Tips to clear IIT JEE main 2017

  1. Dream and Achieve: According to a study, Each year about 65-70% JEE main spirants want to ne only in IITs. So dream for IITs and NITs and prepare well to achieve that.
  2. Online Coaching: Around 45% JEE main aspirants prefer online coaching than any physical medium. You should give your time to internet to solve out some complex questions and join online coaching classes to prepare for JEE main online.
  3. Offline Coaching: You should join any coaching institute to get tips and tricks to clear JEE Main 2017 exam in 3 months or 6 Months. There are various Coaching institutes which provides coaching to crack JEE main 2017 in just 3 months.
  4. Take Expert Advice: You can get expert tips and tricks to clear JEE mains 2017 from online experts and they will elaborate some more tricks to clear the examination.
  5. Make a Study plan: According to a study, 37% IITians starts to prepare for JEE main exam one year before the date of examination.
  6. Time Management is Key: Time management is the key of success and we advise you to divide your time in slots for different subjects and do some time to physical activities to relax your mind.
  7. Avoid Distraction: Always avoid the things which distracts your mind during preparation.
  8. Use internet in a different way: You can use internet to prepare for JEE main examination and Facebook is the best way to prepare along with being social. You should join JEE main online groups and like JEE main 2017 preparation pages to get latest updates about the examination and tips to clear JEE main 2017 shared by many users.
  9. Use YouTube Tutorials: YouTube is the best way to prepare for JEE main 2017 from videos which are being uploaded by various experts and you can download them free from there.
  10. Good Health possesses Good Mind: You should focus on your health to avoid any kind of obstacle in your JEE main preparation due to headache, weakness and fever etc.
  11. Prepare through Mock Tests: JEE main mock tests are available on various websites on internet and also on this website. You can download them and prepare well to get good ranks in JEE main 2017. Check out IIT JEE main 2017 Mock tests from HERE
  12. Positive Attitude: Positive attitude and positive thinking makes to think better and it will help you to prepare well for examination and then appear in the main examination with same attitude.
  13. Know your exam well: You should have knowledge about everything related to your examination and here are some important information links for you.
  •             JEE main 2017 Syllabus
  •             Know your exam pattern
  •             Read Notification carefully
  •             Know well about cut offs
  •             Check all latest news
  •             Chapter wise Marks Weightage
  •             Important dates
14. Prepare more for Important Topics and Chapters: You should prepare more for the important chapter and important topics to score more in the examination. Here are the most important chapter of topics of JEE main 2017.
  •             JEE main 2017 most Important chapters
  •             JEE Main 2017 Most Important Topic
15. Know all shortcut formulas: If you want to solve all questions in the given time then you will have to remember some most important formulas of JEE main 2017 examination. We have given a link which will help you to download JEE main important formulas in pdf file for all subjects.
  •             JEE main 2017 Important formula sheet
16. Read Best Books only: JEE main exam preparation will be more efficient if your prepare through the best books whics are available online and also on your nearest book shop. Check top books for IIT JEE main 2017 preparation.
  • JEE main NCERT Best Books
  • JEE main Arihant Best Books
  • Best reference books
  • Best Books for PCM preparation
17. Solve Previous Papers: Previous year papers of JEE main examination, are the key to prepare explicitly for JEE main examination and it helps you to understand pattern and possible occurrence of question in the examination.

Tips and Tricks to clear JEE main 2017

Hera are some tips and tricks to crack JEE main 2017 examination in just 3-6 months.
  • Manage your time and always prepare more for chapters you are weak in, it will help you to not loose marks in the examination.
  • If you are well in a topic then prepare that well it will help you to score more in the examination and it will also consume less time to revise.
  • Once in a week, go through those chapters you are not comfortable in.
  • In the examination month, Avoid preparing for new chapters, it will help you to avoid extra stress.
  • Give more time to online mock test and don’t waste your time to searching all day long for that. You can get mock test from this website also. Once you find JEE main mock tests then Bookmark that page to use that another day.
Q. According to you, what is the minimum time frame needed to prepare well for JEE Main? How long did you prepare for it? What was your preparation strategy?
A. The minimum time frame of JEE preparation may vary from person to person but two years is sufficient and appropriate time as even the JEE syllabus consists of class 11 and class 12.
I started preparing for JEE in class 11.
My strategy was simple to begin with- focus primarily on building concepts and acquiring whatever knowledge I could about the topics and then build up on that knowledge by practicing questions on it. JEE mainly focuses on application of concepts to problems, so practicing questions is the key.
I always considered science as fun so studying it was never a work. Also striking a balance between JEE prep and school is important for ensuring success in both.
Q. Is it necessary to join a coaching institute or is self-study good enough? What study plan did you follow for your prep?
A. Well importance of coaching is a personal point of view which varies from person to person depending on one’s needs. Definitely it brings in discipline and regularity in studies but again it’s not necessary for everyone. The only thing required is a self-motivation to achieve the goal.
Coaching helps bring in discipline and punctuality in the study hours for the students. The regular tests also help in accessing the performance and building competitive spirit.
However it would be wrong to say that it is absolutely necessary for everyone as each student has his own requirements. Coaching provides a path however the student has to walk on it himself. So dedication towards the aim is necessary, need of coaching depends on individual.
Q. How did you divide your time between chapters/section? Which chapters/sections did you spend more time on? Q. How did you work on improving your weak areas?
A. I never had a very fixed schedule regarding how much time to devote to each chapter. I preferred going with the flow and gave time to each chapter as was felt required during preparation. Certainly, there were a few chapters on which I spent more time than others like coordinate geometry in mathematics, rotation and modern physics in physics. However it all depends on individual: which chapters he/she feels difficulty in, and also the chapters which are appearing frequently in JEE.
Q. How much time did you spend on revision?
As the syllabus was coming to end and I was starting my revision, I knew that which areas I was weak in or which areas I hadn't practiced sufficiently, I ensured that I worked harder on those areas and eventually there were no weak areas as such. It was just that some topics were uncomfortable but everything could be done.
It took me around 3-4 months to revise the syllabus and one more month for a quick go through of entire syllabus.
Q. Any useful study material/ reference books you can recommend to JEE MAIN aspirants?
A. There is no book which can guarantee one a good rank in JEE. But yes most books have potential to make one good in the respective subjects. Pick up any book and do it thoroughly rather than doing multiple books all at once and not being able to complete any of them.
I would recommend doing NCERT exemplar problems for all subjects.
My personal choices were :
  • Physics- Concepts of physics by HC Verma
  • Mathematics- A Das Gupta
  • Chemistry- JD Lee and one or two books for practice on physical and organic chemistry
But again I would emphasise one to select books which one likes and which can be discussed by their coaching or school teachers.
Q. Can you share 5 top tips for JEE Main and JEE Advanced 2017?
  • Never be rigid with the schedules - Go with the flow.
  • Always Introspect and prioritise – as one always knows what is best for him/her
  • Time management is the key during both preparation and exam itself.
  • Never worry about marks if you are satisfied that you know the topic well
  • Never follow everyone’s advice blindly-practice your own discretion
  • You can’t learn everything under the universe for cracking the JEE Main; instead you can chart a specific plan about the topics that you need to cover to crack JEE Main. As you know that around 85% of questions that asking in the JEE Main are from CBSE class 11th and Class 12th Syllabus. If you check it out the previous year question papers, you can easily guess the syllabus pattern. Collect 5-6 previous year question papers and discover common similar topics from it. Then find questions from those selected topics.
    1. Prepare Short Notes

    Tips to Crack JEE Main 2017
    Every topper of JEE Main say that preparing short notes while preparing for JEE Main is the one effective medium to by-heart the answers. What you need to do is, scribe important notes while preparing JEE Main and then at the end of the day (or) before the time of finish learning, go though the notes once again and recall it. This will help the candidates to improve Memory Power.
    Things you can include in Short Notes
    • Formulas
    • Name of the law
    • Principles
    • Headlines
    • Hints of Confusing questions
    1. Get JEE Main,Exam Updates through e-mail, by entering your details below.

      Good Mentors

    4 Ultimate Tips to Crack JEE Main 2017
    That’s an indeed thing. Preparing JEE Main without a mentor is not practicable. You have to find out the right JEE Main training institute that can be good for your studies and also might not a cause to dent your pocket. When the demand of JEE Main candidates became increases over last three years, more privatized training institutes mushroomed across India with a mission of giving training to the students who wish to enroll in JEE Main examination. In case joining a training institute is not affordable for you, then find a peer group having a bunch of JEE Main aspirants. This will help you to get motivated and give you a chance to improve your knowledge through arguments and talks. But it is important to be with the right institute.
    1. Maintaining a Healthy Life Style

    JEE Main 2017
     To succeed in the examination, you’ve to maintain a healthy life style. Eat good nutritious food and maintain good sleeping habits. Sleep at least 6-7 hrs in a day. Avoid late sleep and wakeup in the early morning and revise what you learn from the yesterday studies before start studying today.



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