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Friday, March 10, 2017

How To Prepare For JEE-MAINS In 30 Days

Welcome back to jee mains results 2017. i hope you all are preparing for jee mains right !!! just few days left for jee mains 2017 results. i hope you all are excited for jee mains i am going to share some of the best tricks and tips to prepare for jee mains in 30 days so that your jee mains results 2017 will be best of best. lets et back to our post !!!

jee main 2017 results

Ummm…. 10 mins. You Need to go to 7th floor and Every stair has 20 steps . No lift (No shortcut).
You know what …. Just Don’t see it like that in time . Just divide it in small target. Thats how a mission is completed.
Yeah! First of all let say if you are in coaching classes. They will let you free around 3–4th march . Till then just try to complete the back log of these days of coaching homework. Give your Open tests and don’t worry if you score less .
So one month you have, Get Set Go …..
Take 25 days at first and take all the chapters of three subject for revision :-
  • Dividing Time into smaller parts :
    • Now you have to plan for these 25 days .
    • Divide one day study time in Physics, chemistry and maths almost equally.

  • Divide chapters in 3 categories as per your understanding and practice :
    • Well studied ,
    • Half studied and
    • Least studied.
  • For Each subject :
    • All those chapter you have in Half studied would be studied firstly with 40% time.
    • Then the least studied with 30% time and
    • Then remaining well studied in last 30% time.
  • Make 3 note books for each subject. Whenever you find some topic you are still struggling with. Write imp formula , rules and one example of that in these notebooks called A. Subject wise A-P , A-C , A-M .*

  • Now In the above strategy , you need another divisions of chapter for
    • Hard,
    • Easy and
    • Medium
      • as per they are asked in JEE mains and till what extent.
  • Now Everday’s plan would be like
    • hard chapter in one subject and easy in 2 or
    • medium chapters in 2 subject and easy in one.
      • This way the load for one day wont increase much.
  • Now [other than daily Physics ,maths and chemistry] you have to solve a paper.
    1. If you haven't solved much go for 2.5 Hr paper in strict manner.
    2. Else you can just go through the answer sheets in 1 Hr.
    • Every paper you solve , you definately gonna learn at least a few new and tricky ways of handling problem.
    • Whatever you learn new from that write it at a separate place . Call it note book B. You will collection of 20–25 new new easy and interesting methods 5 days before Mains . **
    • Give it 2 hours that time and BINGO!!

  • Its high time, Pick out silly mistakes
      • like calculation,
      • wrong interpretation,
      • picking wrong data,
      • filling wrong bubble and many more.
    • Find out one such daily after every paper and Then tell your self not to do that thing the anytime in whole day whenever you are drinking water.
      • Woah man! you are out of disease you were suffering from last two years.
    • Not only one, This way you'll remove 20–25 silly mistakes this month. Believe me that works.
    • Also write these all in a paper . Call it Sheet C. ***
  • Make long charts for
    • learning points ,
    • constant values ,
    • equation in maths and physics and
    • names of compounds and
    • reactions in chemistry.
      • Paste all these on your walls. Read all of them daily before going to bed. You wont forget it before you enter college.
      • This thing to be done at the time you are studying that particular chapter.
  • These charts would be D. ****

  • From what to revise ? :
    • The one which is remaining unused- NO
    • The one learned very well earlier - NO [NCERT , Refresher]
    • The one book you like and left some part of a few chapter. That makes you learn new problems too and you wont get bored of revision.
    • All problems you have doubt use book mark for that page and in pin pages write Page no.x Q. no. Y. This list is E *****
  • Keep yourself charged up and self motivated :
    • Things wont go right after 3–4 days you'll feel you are doing less. Its not going that way you wished it to be. But remember its same for everyone yeah! They are feeling that too .
      • Even the top AIR geeks , so that means you may be one.

Just Before Last week :-
  • The 25-day plan won’t make it up , I am telling you today you’ll be left with
    • 1.5 chapters theory in one subject ,
    • some 2 chapter to practice problems in another subjects and
    • also to revise some in between topics in third subject.
      • You can choose the subject as per you wish to.
  • But what… you need not think about that coz , some one said “Its good to be lion in one chapter then being sheep of all chapters”.

Coming to last week plan :
First 2–3 days :
  • You’ll everything at its place and for first three days you’ll use A* and B**
    • Revise all topics of A of three subjects and do some examples of that.
    • Use B for revising the problems and tricks you found new last month.
  • For 5 min, daily look at sheet C*** . Be confident that you wont do these silly mistakes in Final paper.
  • Charts called D*** would gain there importance now. Three times a day revise all such learning fact.
    • I know Einstein said “Facts and values can be looked in books anytime.”
    • But Neither you are Einstein nor you’d have your books during exams.
  • Coming to E***** , I expect you’ll solve these doubts with your friends. Just give a look at the solution in these three days.
  • I said look at solution don’t be over smart and start practice. Don’t use pen in last week. 5 hard question you do , that won’t increase marks. One question you can’t , you’ll depress yourself . You may have heard of cases of last week depression.
Last 2–3 days :
  • Something called hand book provided with material or you’d have bought that is would be in now you best friend.
  • Every where three small tiny books as if they are your favorite story books.
  • Read them at least twice in tree days.

Last day , Don’t study anything . Don’t read anything . Not even the whatsapp jokes. Okay ….. I’d say read the veg ones.
  • Eat healthy , no fast food.
  • Sleep for 8–9 hours .
  • Bath . Even if you are a hosteler.
  • Eat light Breakfast.
  • Be confident . Be satisfied. Be positive.
  • Don’t get tense . Don’t hyper in between questions.
  • PCM or CPM or whatever only follow whatever you had practiced enough and found best.
  • It’s not the last struggle you’re fighting for in life. Its not your last struggle. There are labs in college at 9 AM. Waking up for that is … I guess .
Keep smiling and Depress others in exam room as if you’re getting 360/360.
Wish you luck!! All the best!!
You can message me if you need.
“Manjile kitni bhi uchhi kyu na ho raaste hamesha Pairo ke neeche se hi hokar gujarte hai…”

Let me tell you what should be your strategy for all the three subjects
  • CHEMISTRY- If you talk about organic and inorganic chemistry just focus on NCERT and this advice you must have heard many times and its time to follow this in these 35 days and most importantly don`t leave a single topic in it because last year most of the coaching institutes didn`t taught the topic VITAMINS and students as well didn`t read that topic  but a very simple question was asked from it and whoever had read that topic took less than 10 seconds to answer that . So study each single topic from ncert and underline the important portion which you need to revise again in last 3 to 4 days . And Regarding physical chemistry I would strongly suggest that solve all the previously asked Jee mains question because in it the pattern of questions asked is repeated again and again .Also if you have time left then you can solve some extra problems from each topic .Infact you can solve all the objective questions asked in IIT-JEE in last 35 years because questions get repeated from there too in JEE MAINS paper
  • MATHS AND PHYSICS- It is purely practice based and for the topics which you have neglected upto now , its very difficult to get perfection in those . I would rather suggest just go through the previously asked jee mains questions and get perfection in those . You will get many questions in jee main paper having same pattern questions as asked previously .And don`t forget to revise exclusive jee mains topic like semiconductor , communications , error n instruments , stats ,  relations and in chemistry too like chemistry in everyday life etc. and you will realise the importance of these topics on the day of jee mains exam when you will see paper because for those who study these topics the questions from these topics seems the easiest and for those who neglect they can`t even proceed a single step in the question .
  • And most importantly don`t waste your time in these remaining days, just completely focus on studies because for most students these 35 days turns out to be turning point in there JEE preparations .
To prepare for JEE mains, NCERT book is enough and they do not ask beyond NCERT. 
If you are clear with almost all the concept of NCERT which is expected now then you are almost done. If you are not or lagging somewhere, start revising. Revise that part first where you are not comfortable much and then when you are tired of studying then revise the easy part. In this way I think you can start revising and can complete revising all the topics in short time. 
Attempt all the questions of NCERT, write all the formulas in a notebook and try to see each one of them on a regular basis and do not forget to relate the formulas. Remember, just cramming all the formulas is not going to help much because you won't be able to apply it unless you relate it. 
Join any reputed test series, and check in which portion you are lagging. Focus on that. 
All the best

1.Plan your studies well
Formulate a study plan. It helps you to organize all the topics that has to be coveredStudy for at least 8 hours in a dayAssign one complicated topic and one easy topicInclude topics from Mathematics in every day studiesSolve Physics problems everyday
2.Books-the prime Savior
NCERT books is the God of textbooks for JEE preparation. Apart from NCERT text books, refer to prescribed standard text books.Physics- Concepts of Physics by H.C VermaMathematics- Problems Plus in IIT Mathematics by A Das GuptaChemistry- Arihant master resource book for JEE
3.Give mock tests
Solve previous years’ papers and attend mock tests regularly once a fortnight. By giving mock tests,You will get familiarized with the IIT JEE exam patternHelps you to manage timeCan improve your speed and accuracyHelps you to understand the level of learning
4.Study techniques
Not only hard work, but smart work is also important when you prepare for IIT JEE 2017. Follow study techniques which helps you to simplify the tough concept and helps you to remember the concepts better.
Mind maps for Mathematics
Use mind mapping technique to understand tough concepts. It is a technique which involves taking a topic and branching out other topics which are interconnected. Use different colors to make a mind map which helps you to remember better.
Block diagrams for Physics
This is a technique where principal functions are represented through blocks and lines. It is mainly used to represent inter-relationships.
Flow charts can be used to represent work flow, process or step by step representation of sequences which is the solution.

D-Day is coming soon! With the JEE Main 2017 examination just a month away, the one question that is hovering around every engineering aspirant’s mind is “How to Prepare for JEE Main in one month?”. 30 days is all that a student is now left with to meet their engineering dreams. These 30 days can make or break the situation in the hand of every student. This, being a crucial period of time, a perfectly crafted preparation method will be beneficial for those aspirants who are ready to give their all during the last month. We, at Careers360 present you with the JEE Main Preparation Time Table for 1 Month to assist in your daily study and revision routine so that you will be able to rank well in the national level engineering examination which will be held on April 2 in the offline mode and on April 8 & 9 in the online mode.

The 1 month preparation time table of JEE Main aims to cover not only the important topics which have had more weightage in the past years in JEE Main but also to touch upon those topics that are perceived to have a lesser weightage such that students have a basic conceptual idea of all. Revision is a must for all examinations and so from Week 2 onwards, special emphasis has been given to revision of the important topics. Solving sample question papers and mock tests under time limit is an essential exercise while preparing for any exam and this point has also been given importance to while preparing the Time Table given in this article.

JEE Main Preparation Time Table for 1 Month

Before starting off with the intense studying for a month, remember to take short breaks in between. A fresh mind helps retain more so it is quite necessary to take short and refreshing breaks after long periods of studying. With that in mind, let’s start off with the month long preparation for JEE Main.

Week 1: Study Important & Less Important Topics in Mixed Format
Day 1
Work, Energy and Power
Quadratic Equations
Application & Derivation
Carbonyl Compounds
Alkyl Halides & Aryl Halides
Mole Concept
Day 2
Current Electricity
Heat Transfer
Limit & Continuity
Circles & Family of Circles
Sets, Relations & Functions
Alcohol, Phenol & Ether
Carboxylic Acid & their Derivatives
Day 3
Wave Motion & String Waves
Sound Waves
Straight Lines & Pair of Straight Lines
Chemical Bonding
Periodic Table
Redox Reaction
Day 4
Wave Optics
Ray Optics
Inverse Trigonometry
Binomial Theorem
d & f Block
Day 5
Thermal Expansion
Thermo Electricity
3D Geometry
Atomic Structure
Electro chemistry
Day 6
Newton’s Law of Motion
Probability & Statistics
Gaseous State
Solid State
Day 7
Keep this day for solving mock test and sample question papers. While solving the mock test remember to time your attempt and end the test as soon as the allotted time is up. This will prepare you to manage your time properly on the exam day. After finishing the JEE Main Mock Test, go through the answers. Do not get disappointed with the incorrect ones. Go back and revise those topics where you selected the incorrect responses.
Week 2: Start Revision of Previously Studied Chapters along with New Ones
Day 8
Simple Harmonic Motion
Circular Motion
General Organic Chemistry
Wave & String Motion
3D Geometry
Atomic Structure
Day 9
Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision
Rotational Dynamics
Vector Algebra
Chemical Equilibrium
Surface Chemistry
Current Electricity
Probability & Statistics
Carbonyl Compounds
Day 10
Nuclear Physics
Modern Physics
Sequence and Series
Co-ordination Chemistry
Wave & Ray Optics
Application & Derivation
Alcohol, Phenol & Ether
Day 11
Fluid Mechanics
Properties of Matter, Elasticity
Complex Number, Theory of Equation
Hydrogen & its Compound
Work, Energy & Power
Vector Algebra
p, d & f, s block
Day 12
Communication Systems
Trigonometric Ratios
Chemical Kinetics
Newton’s Law + Friction
Inverse Trigonometric Function
Co-ordination Chemistry
Day 13
Heat & Thermodynamics
Matrices & Determinants
Sequence of Series
Gaseous State
Day 14
Solve the sample papers and mock tests. Time yourself and finish the examination within the allotted time. If you are still not able to finish the exam within the time limit, then work on your time management. Divide the allotted time between the subjects. Take note of the incorrect responses and go back to revise them.
Week 3: Give More Emphasis on Revision
Day 15
Electromagnetic Induction
Ionic Equilibrium
Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision
Limit of Continuity
Periodic Table
Day 16
Circular Motion
Solution of Triangles
IUPAC Nomenclature
Simple Harmonic Motion
Straight Lines & Pair of Straight Lines
General Organic Chemistry
Day 17
Alternating Current
Fundamentals of Mathematics
Chemistry in Everyday Life
Nuclear Physics & Modern Physics
Day 18
Semiconductors & Electronic Devices
Permutation & Combination
Environmental Chemistry
Complex Number
Chemical Equilibrium
Day 19
Qualitative Salt Analysis
Rotational Dynamics & Fluid Mechanics
Matrices & Determinants
Thermodynamics & Mole Concept
Day 20
Units & Dimension
Isomerism of Organic Compounds
Circular Motion
Heat & Thermodynamics
Chemical Kinetics
Day 21
Keep practicing the sample papers and mock test. Remember to keep the time limit in mind. Make notes of the questions which you find hard to answer.
Week 4 – Day Wise Subject Revision
Topic for Revision
Day 22
  • Magnetism
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Modern Physics
  • Wave Motion & String Waves
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
Day 23
  • Probability & Statistics
  • 3D Geometry
  • Vector Algebra
  • Integration
  • Complex Number
  • Matrices & Determinants
  • Theory of Equations
Day 24
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • Co-ordination Chemistry
  • p-Block
  • Aldehyde & Ketone
  • Atomic Structure
  • Alcohols, Phenols & Ether
Day 25
  • Current Electricity
  • Electrostatics
  • Ray Optics & Wave Optics
  • Work, Energy & Power
  • Rotational Dynamics
  • Centre of Mass, Momentum & Collision
Day 26
  • Circles
  • Sequence & Series
  • Applications of Derivative
  • Trigonometric Ratios
  • Sets, Relations & Functions
Day 27
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Periodic Table
  • s-Block
  • Thermodynamics
  • Gaseous State
  • d & f Block
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Chemical Equilibrium
Day 28
Solve subject wise sample question papers and mock test. Make sure all the important topics studied in this week are covered. Since the JEE Main exam is near, spend the entire day fixing the incorrect responses and trying to understand those concepts which you find hard to grasp.
Week 4: Reflect and Revise
Things to Do
Day 29
  • Take a look back at all the notes that you have made while preparing for the examination.
  • Decide upon your strong and weak points in the syllabus
  • Go back and have a look at the concepts and topics you are still unsure of. Try to understand and learn the basic concepts.
Day 30
  • Make flash cards and revise and learn through them.
  • Revise all of the formulas learned till now.
  • Assign each concept or formula with a keyword with which you can easily relate and remember.
Day 31
  • Look at the topics you are most confident in and revise it.
  • Knowing your best known topics in more detail will allow you more scope to score more in the examination
  • DO NOT STUDY ANY NEW TOPICS. Just keep revising all that you have studied and do not bring up any new topics. Strengthen those concepts which you know very well.
During the last day, it is important to sleep properly to be well prepared for the D-Day. Go to bed early and wake up feeling fresh to crack the JEE Main examination. It must be noted that everyone should sincerely study during this short period to get the maximum good results. Sample papers for JEE Main should be solved on a daily basis and Mock Test should be attempted weekly. Remember to keep short notes and flash cards for revision purposes. The topics selected for the time table have been taken from the JEE Main Syllabus as prescribed by CBSE. Hopefully, this article will lead you to score better in the examination. Following all of these instructions along with the JEE Main Preparation Time Table for 1 Month will make sure that your efforts do not go to waste. Work hard to make your dreams come true. Good Luck!

How Do You Prepare For JEE Main 2017 In Last 1 Month?

Budding engineers from across the country will now gear up for their biggest test – the all-new Joint Entrance Examination (JEE 2017) soon. Scheduled to be held on 2nd April 2017, (offline) and on 8th April and 9th April (online), JEE Main is expected to be taken by about 14 lakh students in over 1500 centres in India and abroad. With February almost gone, you need to figure out a solid plan to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in last 1 month.
About 1.5 lakh top candidates, based on their performance in the JEE (Main) 2017 (Paper 1) (including all categories) will be eligible to appear in JEE (Advanced) 2017.
Today, I will tell you how to prepare for JEE Mains in this final month. I know, this may sound too good to be true, but you can easily (well, don’t kill me for that) crack JEE Main in 30 days. You might be wondering this is nuts, no one can do it. No one can cover a pile of syllabus just in one month. But I would says, yes, you can do it (of course, with some pre-preparation on your part..hey, I am not a magician!). Let’s take a look at some preparation tips on how to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in last 1 month.

Concrete Strategy For The Three Subjects

Along with a study plan, candidates should also follow different strategies for different subjects.
How to score in Physics: Once you know the concept, voila! you’ve solved the problem. Visualization is the key factor in this subject. If you are going through a topic, note down all important formulae, results and shortcut tricks. These small notes will be very useful for you a day before the JEE Main. Practice a good number of questions as per the availability of the time. Don’t try to attempt long or complicated questions in the last month and do not waste more than the required time on a particular topic.
How to score in Chemistry: Every candidate must go through NCERT books as they cover almost the entire syllabus. Solving the exercises at the end of the chapters will help you in understanding the chapters completely. Along with NCERT, you can refer 1 or 2 standard books and avoid a heap of books as the time is very less. I would also strongly recommend that you solve past years’ papers of JEE. Take a look at the must-read NCERT books here.
How to score in Mathematics: Mathematics can be assigned a lesser time than physics and chemistry as a major portion of maths is covered during the preparation of board. But this subject must not be ignored. Here the trick is to practice more and more important topics. In the beginning, some questions may sound alien, but as you keep on practicing, you will start having a command on the subject.
Remember: Don’t attempt garbage questions. It is not necessary to solve 50 questions and pat yourself on the back! What’s important in every subject is to do 20 (just a number) but quality questions. This will boost your confidence. Previous years’ questions are always better to start with. Top notch quality questions are what you should be aiming for, to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in last 1 month.

Peer Group

Whether you agree to this or not, you will never be able to make it up to the top AIRs (All India Ranks) if you spend your time with people/students having low motivation to clear JEE. However harsh it may sound, but it is very important to be with the right company to avoid unnecessary distractions throughout your last month as it is your make or break time. Also, a healthy peer group keeps you energetic, charged, optimistic and updated with latest happenings & newer ways of solving problems.

Devote More Time For Revision

Many students now realize the fact that they have not covered all the topics as mentioned in the syllabus. So, they spend more time studying new things rather than revising the previous ones. The end result is that they mess up all the things the paper. To avoid this, you must devote most of the remaining time for the revisions of the things that you know and try to excel in them. 20-30% of the left over time can be utilized for learning new things.
“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Bonus Tips To Prepare For JEE Main 2017 In Last 1 Month

  • Focus on solving the problems on your own, do not look for the solutions without attempting a question. Start with conventional methods of solving, while gradually improving. In short, build your own shortcuts and ways for problem solving.
  • Try the shortest approach to MCQ/elimination method. Do not get tensed by comparing your performance with others, you need to compare your present performance with past performance.
  • While preparing for your studies never ignore your health. At the time of preparation, do yoga and meditation, it will help you in developing inner peace, poise, confidence and power of concentration.
  • Have a printout of your syllabus. You have no idea how helpful it can be.
  • You will have to study at least 12 hours. But considering the situation, I would recommend you to go for 15 hours on some days.
  • You might want to switch off your mobile now. If you cannot, use it strictly for exam purpose like to check exam notifications.
Try to give your best so that in the future if you had to look back, you don’t have to say “I didn’t try”. Now is the only time, make it. So, keep your calm during preparation and do not give up. We are sure you will do fantastically well in the exam!
If you have any queries about how to prepare for JEE Main 2017 in last 1 month, you can ask in the comments section below.
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How Toppers Study for JEE
Best Approach for JEE Main Question Paper

  • Make a rough plan  to cover up all the chapter (All the chapters should be covered)
  • Do not waste much time on other things such as things out of syllabus
  • Must  do all previous 10-15 years question paper completely. This will help you the most. You may like to buy the arihant book that contains previous year papers.
  • Never ever lose hope or lose consistency in preparation.
  • Have the confidence you can crack it and start studying.
  • Keep your fundamentals always clear.
  • Practice as much as you can. The more you get the clear picture of the concepts involved.
  • Discuss with friends. It helps a lot.
  • Remember if your input of study is 4 hours output must be 4 hours
  • In the exam make sure you attempt question in proper manner. Because it is meaning less to prepare well for the exam and do not give the exam properly. Make a down to top approach. Find out the easiest of them. It is not necessarily that it should be from your favourite chapter. Do the problems according the level of ease. Attempt those about which you are sure. Negative marks will only decrease your mark. Never ever stuck on a single problem. Be clear about the think which are asked in question. Stay focused. Because These are the hours for which you have prepared a lot.
  • Refer to NCERT books completely. That is the central part. Specially in Chemistry. For mathematics R.D. Sharma is a nice one.
  • Also before exam do practice 5-10 sets of sample papers.

Thanks for A2A. Here's what you should do.
  1. Take a quick revision of the chapters. Try to revise atleast 3 chapters in each subject i.e. about 9–10 chapters in a couple of days.
  2. Revision doesn't only mean to look at the formulas and the theory part. Go through them but focus on the most important part, the questions. Try as many questions as you can per day from each topic. Do not waste time on the same type of questions. Cover a large area of questions. And consider the quality of the questions. Try dealing with a good level of questions and variants.
  3. You may skip several chapters as such chapters are nor that important from JEE point of view. You can check out the list from quora itself.
  4. Solve previous years papers and sample papers for the last 10 days.
  5. Sleep on time and keep your mood relaxed. Its not that tough. No need to panic. 30 days are enough for changing the face of your answer sheet.
Good luck. Work hard. :)

2 Minutes answer for 30 days jee preparation for great success:
Preparation for J.E.E Mains so that you can rock and get more than 200+ in one month is possible if you follow the following things:
Condition = 10 hours a day.
  • For first ten days : Revise short notes from Arihant's Hand Books
  • For Next 14-15 Days : Practice previous 10 years questions and try to understand them.
  • For last 5 days: It is finishing touch time --> Re-revise the important formulae or concepts or questions you have chocked out while practicing previous year question papers.
Cheers ! now you are ready and also don't ever forget to give me a small party after success. Hope this may help you and my best wishes are with you.

To be straight forward, the answer is a partial yes or no and depends on the situation you are presently in.
Yes,First of all if you have a brief idea about what are the topics that you are gonna get in jee main especially scoring ones and which ones you are thorough and which you are not, then plan accordingly to your convenience in such a way that you spent equal time for both boards preparation and jee main preparation. Study well for boards, it will cover most of the 12th concepts and gives you grip on almost each topic of 12th. For 11th revision, spend some extra time other than the study hours for boards preparation, and note that read NCERT books thoroughly, because jee main won't be that difficult as it looks and will be asked based on concepts of NCERT textbooks only(maybe 1 or 2 questions can come from advanced syllabus), although for jee advanced you gotcha refer many other books. Straight forward scoring questions are asked for which you gotcha go through question paper and attend them as soon as the exam starts.
Since you said you are self studying,i guess you have more study hours compare to students going to coaching centres. So spend atleast 9 hours per day ,like dividing 3 hours per each subject including revision of 11th. Concentrate more on chemistry and mathematics as they are the scoring subjects( May differ for some students). Go through previous year's papers, get an idea about which topics get more weightage, which topics have more straight forward questions and practice as many questions possible to boost yourself and enhance your speed and relative thinking during exam. Be focussed and determined atleast at the time you study, although it is difficult.
Yes or no(depends on how you spend the 1 month in this case).Now if you are gonna start preparation for both jee main and boards now, it's gonna be really tough to understand the basic concepts and go through 11th topics again and cope up and manage time,etc. See that from 2017 onwards ,no board marks are taken into consideration for jee main(which used to give a boost for the rank), so I would suggest to concentrate on jee main a bit more if you have to start all the way from beginning, also don't neglect boards.
To be precise about books part, as i mentioned, first and foremost NCERT books, solved examples, unsolved for all the three subjects and then, R.D sharma or R.S agarwal or ARIHANT books will do good for mathematics. For physics, H.C verma or cengage ,will cover advanced topics also. For chemistry , i guess nothing extra more than NCERT 11th and 12th textbooks.
Ps: only number of students attending the exam increases every year not the number of students eligible for jee advanced , so don't worry and get diverted about numbers. Many would have started preparation at this time, some use it wisely, some don't and yeah there you gotcha take the turn..cheer up..ATB..can do it..

Thats all for todays post on jee main results 2017. keep visiting us and i am sure that you are going to crack this jee 100%.



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