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Friday, October 20, 2017

Best Ways To Prepare For JEE Mains Results 2018

Welcome back to Jee mains 2018 results. a exam written by lakhs but cleared only by thousands. How will you survive this competition ? how will you clear jee mains 2018 ? only few months are left to do this. i know that your syllabus is not completed or you have not started revising till.
do not worry students. we have covered you. today we are going to post some of the best tips and advice for jee mains results 2018. we just wish that everyone who is reading our blog must clear the jee mains 2018 and your jee mains results 2018 must be of top level. so lets not waste much time and jump into our today's post on jee main results 2018.

jee mains 2018 results

Best Ways To Prepare For Jee Mains 2018 :


    As all the subjects are important, you can’t concentrate on only 1. All of them need equal concentration. Aspirants must prepare thoroughly from the NCERTs textbooks.


    • Note down the formulae and results, it will help during revision.
    • Practice as many questions as you can, keeping in mind the availability of time.
    • Avoid lengthy and complicated problems at the last minute, if time is limited.
    • Focus on your strong areas.
    • Suggested Reference Books: H.C. Verma & Resnick Halliday
      Sr. No.TopicNumber of Questions Asked in JEE Main in Previous Years
      1.Current Electricity8
      4.Laws of Motion2
      5.Simple Harmonic Motion2
      7.Heat and Thermodynamics2
From the help of the above table, you will be able to figure out the important topics.


  • Chemistry is amongst the tough subjects as it involves cramming of formulae and reactions.
  • Understand the conceptual base of the topics.
  • Periodic table is the most scoring part.
  • Suggested Reference Books:  Morrison & Boyd and O.P. Tandon
  • Sr. No.TopicNumber of Questions Asked in JEE Main in Previous Years
    1.Periodic Table and Representative Elements3
    2.Transition Element and Coordination Chemistry3
    3.Gaseous State2
    4.Atomic structure2
    5.Solution and Colligative Properties2
    6.General Organic Chemistry2
    9.Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives1
    10.Carbohydrate, Amino Acids and Polymer1


  • Conceptual understanding should be preferred.
  • Practice a lot.
  • In Mathematics JEE (Main)-2013, 32% questions were easy, 58% Medium level and 10% difficult.
  • Suggested Reference Books:  R.D. Sharma, Arihant, Hall Knight & S. L. Looney
Sr. No.TopicNumber of Questions Asked in JEE Main in PreviousYears
1.Coordinate Geometry7
2.Limits, Continuity and Differentiability3
3.Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations3
4.Integral Calculus3
5.Sequences and Series2
The table clearly shows that co-ordinate geometry is the most important topic followed by limits, continuity and differentiability.

Tips to clear IIT JEE Main 2018

  1. Dream and Achieve: According to a study, Each year about 65-70% JEE main spirants want to ne only in IITs. So dream for IITs and NITs and prepare well to achieve that.
  2. Online Coaching: Around 45% JEE main aspirants prefer online coaching than any physical medium. You should give your time to internet to solve out some complex questions and join online coaching classes to prepare for JEE main online.
  3. Offline Coaching: You should join any coaching institute to get tips and tricks to clear JEE Main 2018 exam in 3 months or 6 Months. There are various Coaching Institutes which provides coaching to crack JEE Main 2018 in just 3 months.
  4. Take Expert Advice: You can get expert tips and tricks to clear JEE Mains 2018 from online experts and they will elaborate some more tricks to clear the examination.
  5. Make a Study Plan: According to a study, 37% IITians starts to prepare for JEE Main exam one year before the date of examination.
  6. Time Management is Key: Time management is the key of success and we advise you to divide your time in slots for different subjects and do some time to physical activities to relax your mind.
  7. Avoid Distraction: Always avoid the things which distract your mind during preparation.
  8. Use internet in a different way: You can use internet to prepare for JEE main examination and Facebook is the best way to prepare along with being social. You should join JEE main online groups and like JEE main 2018 preparation pages to get latest updates about the examination and tips to clear JEE main 2018 shared by many users.
  9. Use YouTube Tutorials: YouTube is the best way to prepare for JEE main 2018 from videos which are being uploaded by various experts and you can download them free from there.
  10. Good Health possesses Good Mind: You should focus on your health to avoid any kind of obstacle in your JEE main preparation due to a headache, weakness and fever etc.
  11. Prepare through Mock TestsJEE main mock tests are available on various websites on internet and also on this website. You can download them and prepare well to get good ranks in JEE main 2018. Check out IIT JEE main 2018 Mock tests from HERE
  12. Positive Attitude: Positive attitude and positive thinking make to think better and it will help you to prepare well for examination and then appear in the main examination with same attitude.
  13. Know your exam well: You should have knowledge about everything related to your examination and here are some important information links for you.
  •             JEE main 2017 Syllabus
  •             Know your exam pattern
  •             Read Notification carefully
  •             Know well about cut offs
  •             Check all latest news
  •             Chapter wise Marks Weightage
  •             Important dates
14. Prepare more for Important Topics and Chapters: You should prepare more for the important chapter and important topics to score more in the examination. Here is the most important chapter of topics of JEE main 2018.
  •             JEE main 2018 most Important chapters
  •             JEE Main 2018 Most Important Topic
15. Know all shortcut formulas: If you want to solve all questions in the given time then you will have to remember some most important formulas of JEE main 2018 examination. We have given a link which will help you to download JEE main important formulas in pdf file for all subjects.
  •             JEE main 2018 Important formula sheet
16. Read Best Books only: JEE Main exam preparation will be more efficient if your prepare through the best books whics are available online and also on your nearest book shop. Check top books for IIT JEE main 2018 preparation.
  • JEE main NCERT Best Books
  • JEE main Arihant Best Books
  • Best reference books
  • Best Books for PCM preparation
17. Solve Previous PapersPrevious year papers of JEE main examination, are the key to prepare explicitly for JEE main examination and it helps you to understand pattern and possible occurrence of the question in the examination.

Tips and Tricks to clear JEE Main 2018

Hera are some tips and tricks to crack JEE Main 2018 examination in just 3-6 months.
  • Manage your time and always prepare more for chapters you are weak in, it will help you to not loose marks in the examination.
  • If you are well in a topic then prepare that well it will help you to score more in the examination and it will also consume less time to revise.
  • Once in a week, go through those chapters you are not comfortable in.
  • In the examination month, Avoid preparing for new chapters, it will help you to avoid extra stress.
  • Give more time to online mock test and don’t waste your time to searching all day long for that. You can get mock test from this website also. Once you find JEE main mock tests then Bookmark that page to use that another day.

Tips to Crack IIT JEE  2018

  1. Prepare a Schedule
The first thing you must do is to get hold of a pen and paper and prepare a rough annual schedule to understand as to how much you require studying each day so as to complete your syllabus on time. Once this is done, prepare a strict weekly schedule at the beginning of each week and stick to it diligently. Keep the syllabus for both IIT JEE 2018 and CBSE board Exams handy as you prepare your schedule.
  1. De-clutter
It is advised to clear up all the mess around to get organized and bring in positive energy. Begin with your school/ tuition bag, then your study table and your study area. Keep your book, notes and other stationary items in an organized manner so that you don’t have to waste time looking for them each time you require them. A neat and organized place also emanates positive vibes that build a positive mindset.
  1. Opt for Online Coaching
Online coaching is a boon for the students. It is one of the best ways to manage your time well. Since you require enrolling for coaching for different subjects for both CBSE exams as well as JEE, it is a good idea to go for online coaching for the later. This will save time spent on commuting every day. It will also give you the freedom to choose your time, place and pace of study. So you can seek coaching during those hours when you can concentrate best. Also you can study each topic at your own pace and move on to the next one only when you are thorough with the current one.
  1. Give Mock Tests
This is a crucial part of preparation. While preparing for Crack IIT JEE 2018, you must see to it that you test your knowledge from time to time by giving JEE mock tests and solving sample papers. By testing your knowledge you get to know your weak areas and can improve on them. In order to clarify your doubts and apprehensions related to any topic, online coaching centers such as Etoosindia have set up a doubt clinic forum wherein you can ask all your queries directly from the faculties.
Mock tests are also a great way to hone your analytical and problem solving skills and build speed and accuracy.
  1. Revise Regularly
As you study new chapters to prepare for Crack IIT JEE 2018, don’t forget to revise the previous ones. Revise your chapters simultaneously in order to retain them well. You will be able to memorize your chapters thoroughly if you keep revising them over and over again.
  1. Follow a Healthy Lifestyle
It is essential to study hard to prepare thoroughly for both the exams however do not immerse so much that you forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you take adequate sleep each day to stay fresh and energised. Also, spare half an hour from your schedule to indulge in some physical exercise such as jogging, dancing, cycling, etc. This is a great way to burst stress and concentrate better. Lastly, do not forget to follow a healthy diet plan.

This was some of our best tips for you to clear jee mains 2018. we hope that you follow all this and pass jee mains with flying colors. stay tuned with jee mains results 2018 to be updated. thank you for visiting us folks.


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